Heather J. Rankin for AANA Director Region 7

Heather J. Rankin for AANA Director Region 7

Tuesday, March 4, 2014


This question was posed: To all AANA BOD candidates: Communication is a 2 way street. What do you plan to do to improve relations and communication with the NBCRNA other than threaten to replace them, since it is highly unlikely that the AANA has the financial means to replace the NBCRNA?

 If you really are set on threatening replacement, what is your plan to pay for such a costly endeavor?

My response:
 Thanks for the question.  From my position statement: The AANA must have positive, collaborative relationships with our certifying and accrediting bodies with reasonable and appropriate representation; the secrecy between the groups must disappear.  The NBCRNA CPC implementation has been extremely controversial, and I experienced the negative membership feedback in Alabama first hand as President when the rollout was mishandled.  Years later, there still is not a fully constructed program.  I believe that the not-for-profit NBCRNA and its vast reserves of hard-earned money from AANA members must keep testing costs low, ensure ease of accessibility to testing, and offer the practice tutorials for free. 

In addition to those thoughts, we must have at least 2 members on the NBCRNA BOD.  This gives us at least the option to put forth a motion and one to second. But, we also need a liaison to the NBCRNA BOD as well.  Why – so that we have someone who is not bound by a confidentiality agreement to share information to the AANA BOD and members.  As the CPC program continues to be constructed, we must have transparency to the AANA members – the reason the NBCRNA has millions of dollars – with regards to the testing and all that goes with the testing.

The reason I don’t see the AANA severing ties with the NBCRNA today is not because of the money.  It is because of the logistics behind credentialing and recredentialing.  I am due to recertify this year.  If we cut ties with the NBCRNA, is there someone prepared to recertify me right now?  How about the students who are graduating?  Who will administer their certification test today?  I feel that options have been looked at, but I don’t know that a full plan is ready to be place for the AANA to just walk away at this point.  However, if we do not have AANA representation on both the NBCRNA BOD and as liaison(s), or if the current leadership and staff at the NBCRNA continues to be unreceptive to the requests and needs of the AANA, it will be time to cut ties.

With regards to the CPC, though I disagree with the rollout of the program, I am in favor of recertification exam.  Of the three anesthesia providers, at this time we are the only group without a recertification exam.  I see this as only strengthening our practice.   As a pediatric practitioner, I have voiced my opinion to the NBCRNA on thoughts to those in specialty practice.  We need to ensure the questions truly to apply to CRNAs in every setting. 

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